Friday, 13 April 2012

Shawl up, Manchester Lane

Melbourne street style, Melbourne street fashion


  1. Who is this babe? I like! Especially her clogs!

    You are so right, those Rubi shoes are hard to walk in. I once wore them for like four hours and by that time I had adjusted to walking in this weird stagger....I find the ankle strap kind of restrains you from walking normally! But still, I think they are so pretty and I always get compliments on them so I just turn that grimace into a smile and pretend I'm loving it!

    See you the streets? xx

  2. Hahaha you and clogs

    This is Amie from Heartbeats, Intimidation. She makes dresses as sweet as her

  3. Love that fun shawl to add some colour to the outfit! Looks really warm too :)


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